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TOSCA Operational Tools

Drifters Trajectory Tool

Surface currents can be measured efficiently from the drifts of Lagrangian instruments tracked by, and transmitting data to, satellite systems (Iridium). These surface drifting buoys (called drifters) are low-cost, expandable systems that measure sea surface temperature (SST and currents through their displacements between satellite fixes. Drifters are actually quasi-Lagrangian since they do not perfectly follow the surface water because of the effects of the winds and waves acting on them. However, over the past two decades, drifters, such as the CODE and SVP designs, have been developed to reduce these effects.

This TOSCA tool has been designed to decode and display information sent by drifters in a near real time way. It permit also to display past Intensive Observation Period done during the TOSCA project. It has been used during TOSCA campaigns to follow drifters at sea.

This tool will allow you to display GPS and/or IRRIDIUM positions (using radio buttons) and choosing the displaying period (using calendar Input fileds).

  • Real Time Drifters Trajectory
  • Create a New Campaign