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TOSCA observation

What is HF current Map and drifters

The 5 test sites (Var-coast, Balearic Islands, Gulf of Naples, gulf of Trieste, North Aegean) have been chosen in the Framework of TOSCA according to the presence of an HF RADAR system. This instrument is a powerful shore based remote sensing system, providing measurement of surface currents over long distances (~100km), large areas and good temporal resolution. This long range high resolution-monitoring system operates with frequencies between 14 and 25 MHz. TOSCA is the first attempt to pool existing radar systems in Europe.

In parallel to this unique way to observe the time evolution of the surface current, surface drifters have been used to measure the currents and to get direct information on transport. These are simple floating plateforms loaded with GPS receiver and Iridium or Argos based satellite telemetry allowing a regular communication on their successive positions.

In this page, you will be able to display current maps from available HF-RADAR sites and Intensive Observational Periods (IOP), superimposed to drifter trajectories.

In the right window the test site and the date can be chosen. The real-time is accessible only on the Var coast (meaning that the GIS TOSCA can deal with RT HF radar). You can change the velocity palette and move forward/backward in time.

In the lower window (Synthetic View of available Radar Data) the table summarize the available IOP according to the test site. You can click on a decade, and the corresponding site & period will be mapped.

  • What are the TOSCA HF / drifters Maps
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