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Welcome on the GIS TOSCA tool

What is Tosca

TOSCA project consists in the development of a coastal continuous monitoring & forecasting network based on HF radars & new generation drifting instruments & models, aimed at optimizing the response of local authorities to marine accidents, with a special emphasis on oil spill pollution & on search-and rescue (SAR) operations.

Intensive Observation Periods have been carried out in 5 test sites, focusing on the coastal areas off the outlets of the major existing or planned oil pipelines (Eastern Med) & on high traffic areas (Western Med):

  • Var coastal area (F);
  • Gulf of Naples (I);
  • Balearic region (E);
  • Gulf of Trieste (I);
  • North-Eastern Aegean Sea (G)

What is GIS TOSCA Tool

The GIS TOSCA tool will allow you to visualize and download the Observation surface current data sets, and to play with the Lagrangian tools to simulate and correct the dispersion patches.

The TOSCA GIS is a web support tool aimed at helping decision making process in case of a maritime accident. The sytem is currently a prototype based on the project observational network and data gathered during the project experimental phases.

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